This Blog.

My name is Kay Khoo.

I started blogging in 2006. In between, there were articles written for other platforms/people.

I gave up after a while – consistency is a tough thing to maintain. Archived the WordPress database and deleted the site.

In 2021, I decided to bring back the archive. I thought, maybe, having this published online again will motivate me to start writing consistently again.

And maybe, I hope, you will find some of the writings helpful – in whatever you are doing.

Please know this about me.

I am usually joyful and optimistic but typically cynical.

I have given up the view that design could change the world, but I remain positive that words do influence minds.

I am a reluctant graphic designer. My interests are elsewhere.

I am not a people’s person, but I do enjoy working with people.

I live every day thanking God for giving me another day to live.

To live under grace. By grace.

This is officially me.

I co-founded Fish Do It (Mumbai) and Some Early Birds (Malaysia). I currently work with brands and organisations to strategize, create, curate, design and produce content across formats – digital and print, experience and on-ground events, addressing marketing, visual and brand communications needs.

I speak regularly at design events and conduct design-related workshops addressing idea creation and project planning challenges.

You might know me through these projects:

In India

  • The creator / co-founder of Kyoorius Designyatra. Started in 2006, it is now one of the leading design conferences in the world.
  • Started ZeeMelt in 2015, a Marketing Festival in India. The name Melt happened on a hot Mumbai noon at Salt Water Cafe in Bandra.
  • Designed the space and experience of the annual Kyoorius Awards show at NSCI stadium, and in the process, redefined what an awards show experience can be. The trophy I designed can be found in many agencies and studios across India.
  • Launched, managed, and creative directed Kyoorius Magazine for its entire 29 issues.
  • Architects / Interior designers – we might have known each other either through Kyoorius, or Asian Paints’ Colour Quotient, or Masters Gallery – all projects were led by me.


  • Created Antalis 10-20-30, a programme to recognise emerging young talents in South East Asia and Hong Kong.
  • Established the blueprint for Penang Georgetown way finding system, when it was declared a UNESCO Heritage site.
  • Redesigned and relaunched, managed, and creative directed the Penang Economic Monthly magazine for 2009-2011.
  • Organised the first-ever graphic design event in the National Art Gallery (Malaysia), and hosted the 100 best European Posters show.
  • Launched the highly visited and often controversial Malaysian Insider, an online news portal.
  • Launched kancilawards.com in 2006 – the digital platform that documents the best advertising and media works from Malaysia.

Lastly, I like collaborating with people – if you are interested in exploring possibilities, do get in touch with me!