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21 September 2022

Online: 5 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Design System: Best Practices for Marketers and Creatives

Experts from brand agency Kurppa Hosk and brand management platform Frontify will share five lessons learned while implementing design systems for leading brands around the globe.

Organised by Adweek.

29 March 2022

Online: Why brands must create better digital products

From Uber to Airbnb to Monzo, disruptive digital-first businesses have prompted a total rethink of how we engage with products, services and activities on a daily basis.

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation plans for brands across many different sectors, but user expectations are sky-high – and the right design approach is vital to rise to the challenge and stay competitive.

To unpick some of the lessons learned from the world’s leading digital products and experiences, Creative Review editor Eliza Williams will host a conversation with James Greenfield, co-founder and Creative Director at Koto; Tim Malbon, founder and CEO of Made By Many; and Laura Bartkiewicz, Manager – Mid-Market at Figma.

Organised by Creative Review.

16 March 2022

Online: Targeting Consumers Without Any Identifiers: What About People Who Don’t Want to Be Tracked?

For many digital marketers, the move to a more privacy-compliant targeting strategy has centered on new forms of identifiers. Still, as advertisers assemble their post-cookie toolbox, it is essential to include a solution that reaches unidentifiable users—those who choose not to make themselves trackable through opt-in IDs or authentication.

Organised by Adweek.

02 December 2021

Online: The Future Laboratory: Youth & Media Futures 2021

As the world’s youth cautiously return to real-life experiences and nurture the social lives that had been stunted by the pandemic, we take a closer look at what these offline behaviours mean for the online media and technology sectors. 

It’s no longer just Generation Z who are defining the youth culture landscape. Brands which thought they knew their next-generation consumers will need to prepare for a period of great transition. In 2022 and beyond, one generation will pass on their wisdom to the next, as Gen Alpha – who today are no older than 12 – rapidly rise to prominence as the consumers of tomorrow. From shopping coteries to a new class of crypto-investors, join us to uncover the truth behind a generation impossible to ignore. 

Organised by The Future Laboratory, UK. Ticket at UKP75.

17 November 2021

Online: Desis Network: Desis Cafe hosted by nDesis Lab, Northumbria University

DESIS Café is a virtual place where DESIS Labs can meet and talk about their activities, expectations, thoughts, research, projects, etc. It’s a place to reinforce connections within the community and exchange knowledge about good practices and difficulties of projects, and actions.

Organised by nDesis Lab, Northumbria University

16 November 2021

Online: Winning the War for Agency Talent: Pivot Into the New World of Work

Hear from a panel of agency leaders who will share how future-proofed agencies should position themselves to attract and hire the best talent in the industry. 

Organised by Adweek

16-18 November 2021

Online: Decorex Online

Decor stuff: lighting, fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, decorative accessories

Organised by Decorex, UK

10 November 2021

Online: Staying Ahead of the Digital Workplace

Enhancing Employee and Customer Experience in a Hybrid World

As pandemic restrictions ease up, the road ahead remains digital. Workers, now used to working from anywhere, expect remote work to stay or at least have the option of hybrid work.

While remote work offers the flexibility workers crave to the workday, it also adds a layer of complexity to operations. Paper-based processes, though dwindling, remain essential in any physical office, whether for audit preparations or closing documents. Having a distributed workforce throws a spanner in the works, causing a disjointed employee and customer experience across the entire end-to-end workflow.

Organised by Adobe

09-10 November 2021

Online: New York Times: Dealbook

“We’re bringing together some of the most influential minds in business, policy and culture to take stock of a world in the midst of rapid reinvention, grappling with the ripples of Covid and rewriting the rules in real time.”
Hosted by Andrew Ross Sorkin, featuring sessions with Mary Barra, Anthony Blinken, Albert Bourla, Tim Cook, Matthew McConaughey, etc etc.

Organised by New York Times

10 November 2021

Online: Converge by Globant

“Because when the world reinvents itself, everything must be reinvented alongside it”

Organised by Globant

04-11 November 2021

Online: International Assembly

Heavy Hitters: Paula Scher, Lamm&Kirch, Dines, Mark Bohle, SPIN, Zipeng Zhu, Emily Oberman, Everyday Practice, Ines Alpha, Jessica Hische, Stephanie Specht, Eric Hu, Daan Rietbergen, etc.

Organised by (formerly) Graphic Design Festival Scotland. UKP64 for Full conference Ticket.

08-11 November 2021

Online: Bienal Del Cartel Bolivia

Bolivia’s design conference. Looks fascinating and provides a good glimpse into the design culture of South America. Unfortunately I don’t read Spanish, and have no idea how to register.

Organised by (Will find out about the conference pass)

28 October 2021

Online: Crafting Experiences, stories by Experiential Designers from South East Asia

Quarterly series presented by SEGD (Society for Experiential Graphic Design) Singapore Chapter. Featuring Steve Lawler, Larry Peh, Eric Widjaja, drawing experiences from projects across Singapore and Indonesia.

Organised by Design Council Singapore.

28-31 October 2021

Frequency: International Festival of Digital Culture

Frequency offers an imaginative fusion of art, heritage, media and culture to the city’s residents and its visitors. The festival is a chance to discover a world of digital, electronic and hybrid art, on your doorstep. Come along to find surprising delights in familiar places and to explore new ideas in unexpected ways.

Organised by City of Lincoln, UK

26-28 October 2021

Online: Adweek Elevate – Publishing

Publishers are embracing a more agile mindset, prioritizing the need to add scale and create personalized experiences for their audiences. Learn how these companies are leveraging the power of technology to enable multi-channel subscription and ad revenue strategies.

Adweek’s second annual Elevate: Publishing summit welcomes the most forward-thinking minds in publishing and media to solve lingering challenges and identify opportunities amid 2021’s ever-shifting technological landscape.

Organised by AdWeek.

26-28 October 2021

Online: Adobe Max

Notable Sessions:
Oct 26: David Carson <Link>
Oct 27: Chloé Zhao + Bryan Cranston + Aaron Paul + Hype Williams: <Link>
Oct 27: Tilda Swinton: Creative Inspiration <Link>
Oct 27: Yuko Simizu <Link>
Oct 27: Liza Enebeis / Studio Dumbar <Link>
Oct 27: Marina Willer <Link>
Oct 28: Eddie Opara: Creativity and Business <Link>
Oct 28: Gail Anderson: BIPOC Designers and the Workplace <Link>
Oct 28: Chloé Zhao: Video is in the Spotlight <Link>
Oct 28: Tilda Swinton + Caleb Finn + Jang Young Gyu <Link>


Organised by Adobe

21-24 October 2021

Online: Typecon 2021: Together

TypeCon covers a broad range of topics, including typography, type design, font production, graphic design, digital media, printing history, calligraphy, lettering, book arts, advertising, wayfinding, type in motion, literacy, type sales and marketing, legal issues, design education, and other related areas.

Organised by SOTA (Society of Typographic Aficionados). USD250 for Full Conference Pass.

19-21 October 2021

Online: The Digital Shift – Exploring the Transformative Power of Customer Data.

Gone are the days of simply having an online presence on multiple channels — the channels now also need to be efficiently integrated. With the growing ubiquity of mobile devices and the evolution of social platforms, brand marketers must understand data in real-time and find their optimal omnichannel offering as consumers demand more choice and flexibility. Organizations as a whole also need to shift their view on customer data to get more value out of what they have.  

Join Adweek and Treasure Data as we sit down with top marketers and expert analysts to take a deep dive into the future of digital marketing, omnichannel opportunities, and the rising role of customer data in driving organizational growth in this three-day Spotlight series. Together we will explore various ways your brand can grow and thrive by future-proofing your tech stack, taking advantage of first-party data opportunities, and delivering seamless experiences that are engaging, interactive, and customizable.

Organised by AdWeek.

18-21 October 2021

Online: Festival of Marketing

Covering 4 subjects: 1. Powering Growth. 2. Trends. 3.Customer Delivery and 4. Creativity and Collaboration.
An impressive lineup of top marketing folks.

Organised by Xeim Ltd. UKP249 for Full Conference Pass.

11-15 October 2021

Online: Design. Different Week

A week-long programme of events celebrating inclusive design. Hosted by the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design.  A series of hour-long events online. Each one looks at different aspects of inclusive Design ranging across architecture, fashion, business, sanitation, neurodiversity, ageing, health and ‘wicked’ problems. 

Some noteworthy sessions:

Design.Different: Why inclusive design should speak across age, ability, gender and race.
Monday 11 October, 2–3pm. <Registration Link>

Design.Neuro: A panel of neurodivergent creatives discuss their work and the future of neurodivergence and design.
Wednesday 13 October 2–3pm <Registration Link>

Design.Wicked:  Seeking answers to the wicked problems of climate change and global public health amongst others
Wednesday 13 October 4–5pm <Registration Link>

Design.Agency:  Some Wise Words on Design and Ageing
With Patricia Moore, Michael Wolff, Colum Lowe and George Lee
Wednesday 14 October 4–5pm <Registration Link>

Organised by Royal College of Art. The Helen Hamlyn

08-16 October 2021

Online: Service Design Global Conference

The goal is to bring the best in our industry together to share service design knowledge and new cross-disciplinary methods. It is in its 14th year running.

Organised by Service Design Network. EUROS214 for Full Conference Pass.

07-08 October 2021

Online: Forward Festival Livestream

Livestream of Forward Festivals from Vienna. Featuring Stefan Sagmeister, Annie Atkins, PussyKrew, Martin Parr, Sarah Illenberger, Johann Konig, Otnerschinko, Esra Gulmen, Grillitype, Found Studio, Mashi, Kaitlyn Chang, Bleed, etc etc.

Organised by Forward Creatives, Vienna. EUROS85 for Full Conference Pass.

06 October 2021

Online: Independent Agencies

The “one-stop-shop” model of major advertising holding agencies no longer reigns king. With the promise of unique perspectives, rapid speed and an intimacy not found at larger shops, Indie and Boutique agencies have become increasingly attractive to brands and talent.
Join Adweek to hear insights from independent agency leaders on the unique value and experience being offered, the importance of maintaining a creative spirit and resilience, and how to keep pace in an industry that’s constantly evolving.

Organised by AdWeek.

05 October 2021

Online: Identity, data, and the New Connected Consumer

Fragmentation of media consumption, deprecation of legacy identifiers, and increased privacy expectations necessitate reliable identity and data capabilities in order to engage the new connected consumer. Join Adweek and TransUnion as we sit down with leading industry executives to learn how enterprises are leveraging data and identity to power successful marketing strategies.

Organised by AdWeek.