Do you know what I do?

I recall many months ago when I had to return to the office to do some work after dinner.

My daughter (who was 3+ then) was reluctant to let me go.

I told her if I don’t work, I won’t be able to buy her books, toys, milk, etc.

Weighing between the two, she decided that one night without having her dad around is actually ok.

Apparently, she took that night to figure out stuff.

The next morning she wanted to follow me to the office.

She sort of thought that by hanging around in the office she could be with me, and she could help me with my work. Such that she could help earn the money needed for all her books, toys and milk.

I asked her, “What can you help me do?”

I can do name cards!”

I think I was in the midst of rushing an identity project and had several unused drafts lying around. She must have been playing with them and assumed that I do name cards for a living.

“Are you sure you know how to do namecards? Tell me, what’s on a namecard?”

“Can! Got name. Got number.”