My Library: Windfall Light

Windfall Light is one book which I treasure greatly. It is a beautiful book that covers the ECM sleeve design from 1996 to the present, designed by Lars Muller.

ECM cover art never fails to intrigue me.

Like many others, I was first drawn to the world of graphic design through record sleeves by the usual suspects – Vaughn OliverPeter SavilleStorm ThorgersonBlue Note Jazz covers etc. Yet I place ECM in a different league. Firstly, it is rare to see ECMs in Malaysian record stores – they aren’t marketable like Miles, Ella, Herbie or Kenny G.

However rare they are, you do know an ECM when you see one. For a graphic designer, it is the unmistakable visual language of transcendental photography and minimalist typography. But for a curious soul, they were covers that stare at one hauntingly, asking the question “Do you want to hear my story?”

For example:

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“Do you want to know what those people were doing?”

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“Whose shadow is that looming above the feather?”

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“What is that melody at night, with you?”

Always mysterious and mesmerizing, ECM covers seldom give a clue about the music – that is probably for the buyer to discover. Throughout the years, I have randomly bought ECM music, and along the way, discovered some great music – all thanks to good design.

First published on, Nov 8, 2013