Notes on lecturing (Lame duck).

On a typical morning like today, I would be going through my lecture presentation — adding/deleting slides and rearranging the sequencing, knowing very well that I will not attain 100% approval of the class.

  • The smart-wise folks will think this is too simple for them. “Boring!” I can anticipate them SMS-ing each other, probably checking on who will be going to Zouk (or Redbox) on Friday night.
  • The simple-minded-too-conservative group will think this is too complex. “What is he talking about?” I can almost envision their dazed-and-confused expression.
  • The eager-to-learn-everything group will find this a revelation. “Interesting!” I am expecting and looking forward to seeing them after the class with interesting questions.
  • The I-couldn’t-be-bothered group will find this irrelevant. “Not my kind of design.” I can imagine all the territory+idn+vector graphics dancing in front of their eyes.
  • The I-thought-I-knew-everything people will be suddenly inspired. “I never knew it could be done this way…” I can visualise a transformation into grid-freaks and kerning-experts.
  • The it’s-just-another-class people will always be harping on “when’s the deadline?” since nothing else matters. I foresee them staying this way for the next few semesters.

It will never be an easy task communicating without being judgmental to a target audience as such.

I supposed it is the same way around. Being avail for public scrutiny means to be prepared for comments concerning my hair to my shoes. It means accepting the perception of being either an inspiring individual, a lame duck or a boring twat.

I am still wondering why I ever took on lecturing.

Penning down my thoughts for the few designers who are contemplating lecturing. This is what you will get for making yourself avail.