Role playing is tough.

I thought about my design class students and about the role-playing.

In dealing with the big names of the creative industry, young struggling startups and the ever-enthusiastic art students, roles shift from one to another. Sometimes the matter of maintaining a consistent character is easily said, but tough to do.

I suppose people affect people.

The big-shots carry with an aura that could transform young creatives into suckers.

“Your work on ______ is so brilliant. You are brilliant. I hope one day I could learn from you.”

The young creatives turn old farts into big egos.

“Your work is just so-so. When we were working on ______, we did _____.”

And the students hurl their enthusiasm (or lack of) around.

They either convert their lecturers into passionately encouraging people or cynically discouraging people.

“You better quit school and start selling Amway. My dog could design better than you.”

The fact is, it is a constant struggle to keep everything in check. To treat everyone at an equal level. To maintain positiveness. To be frank, honest, constructive, direct and yet being considerate and sensitive.

To walk right.

That, I am still learning.